Any questions?
Any questions?


 Frequently Asked Questions


1)     What benefit can I hope to receive from volunteering with Peacework Medical Projects?

The primary benefit that all volunteers receive is the recollection of the reasons why they went into medical service in the first place.  It is the positive personal affirmation that “I can make a difference in this person's life”. 

2) What sort of clinic do you have on the west side of Phoenix?
      This is a primary care clinic, with patients arriving by appointment. We schedule ten patients on the first Sunday of each month, and ten on the secnd Sunday. Our clinical volunteers provifde full exams, diagnostic plans, prescriptions, labs as needed, and referrals as needed. The only cost to the patient is prescription medicine, which we try to match to the $4 List at WalMart.

3)     Who can participate?

Peacework Medical Projects accepts all medical practitioners including MD, DO, PA, NP, ND, EMT, Paramedic, etc.  Non-medical volunteers manage the front office. PA students are welcome if they contact Josef first.

4)     What about the language differences?

As a Peacework volunteer you will have the services of volunteer Spanish interpreters.

5)  What sort of medical problems will we see and treat?

It may surprise you to learn that 95% of what we see as clinicians during our projects is no different than what is seen in primary care practice every day all over the US. This would include body aches, cough, congestion, rashes, skin infections, stomach ache, stress/depression  potential STIs...etc  We perform excellent clinical exams with decision making, then refer to carefully selected colleagues who accept our patients in the greater community as needed.


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