Dr. Rizor with a healthy patient in northern Honduras, ca 2005.
Dr. Rizor with a healthy patient in northern Honduras, ca 2005.
Jeffrey Rizor, MD

1945- 2010

It would be impossible to for any one person to reflect on all of Jeff's benevolence - he was too humble to share the depth and breadth of it all. In this way, this memoriam is limited.

Jeff was one of the original nine Peacework Medical volunteers. He believed in the core values of dignity for our patients, and social change through medicine. He lived it in his actions.

We can be certain of this - there are many of us who are richer in spirit because of what he shared with us. He practiced the true art of medicine, and this is a blend of talent and skill that is so rare.

Jeff was born in Ohio in 1945 and attended Wooster College and then The Ohio State University Medical School, receiving his M.D. in 1971.

He came to Arizona for his post graduate training and also learned the ways of the desert. He stayed, much to the benefit of the nascent West Valley ER (now West Valley Hospital), then Maryvale ER, followed by partnership in Advantage Urgent Care.

An accomplished equestrian, he often rode the trails with the lion hearted dachsund, Renegade.

Jeff had some wishes that he had shared...he wanted to learn to speak Spanish, retire in Mexico, and to leave "all of us" with nothing to worry about. He certainly did these things.
Godspeed, Jeffrey.  Vaya con Dios, amigo.


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Jeffrey Rizor

1945 - 2010

 Jeff Rizor made my first Peacework trip a beautiful and memorable experience. It is hard to put into words the quiet but substantive nature of Jeff's personality. He was kind to everyone. He had a true appreciation for the beauty of the natural world. And he loved dogs--always a good quality in a human! His photographs from the Honduras trip were the best of the lot.
We shared a bond as fellow Ohioans, and as people who loved nature. I am sorry he will no longer be an inspiration to new Peacework volunteers. Rest in peace, Jeff. I will never forget you.
Julie Dubuisson


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