Phil Snyder, Medic, at triage in Ghana- his 6th Peacework Medical Project.
Phil Snyder, Medic, at triage in Ghana- his 6th Peacework Medical Project.

Peacework Medical Projects produced  a primary care medical clinic in Ghana, West Africa for the first time in March, 2007 and returned in 2008.  Each year, we saw  approximately 4000 patients  for medical screening exams, health education, and pharmaceutical care as needed. Our relationships with the communities we served were established, with the hope of developing strong teamwork and friendship with our hosts in the years to come.   Physicians, PAs, RNs, and one paramedic comprised these resilient, adventurous teams.

This two week trip includes one week in the urban center of the country's capital, Accra. There is a community of extreme poverty in the city, and an absence of basic health care. The health problems there include poor nutrition, skin diseases, pulmonary diseases, and internal parasites. Malaria and tuberculosis are endemic problems that are preventable and treatable. Health education was a vital part of our efforts there, including avoidance of HIV, hygiene as it relates to disease, awareness of hypertension and diabetes, and basic health care techniques when there is no doctor. 

We spend five days in a rural village, Bohenekrom, seeing patients from our host village as well as surrounding neighbor villages. This is a unique opportunity to see Africa in a way few westerners can. We are graciously welcomed into this community, and have made the commitment to return annually. In this population, medical screening exams, internal parasite control, and health education were our important tasks.

We are also tourists for two in an arts and crafts market, hiking in the jungle, and visiting the sobering site of the slave quarters used during the times of slave trade to North America.

Please see photos from this country and of our  patients in the photo album section..

Please write if you would like to be a part of this team in 2009 - see the Contact page.

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